Understanding Your Value In Business

I had a great discussion with a client yesterday.  It revolved around her new business venture and how her clients were perceiving her rates and fees.  It reminded me  of a conversation I had with my father (the founder of our company – who worked in sales for 30 years before he started BMC) many years ago when I was out selling our services.  He said “there are three things to do when you are selling”

1. Know your strengths and accentuate them.
2. Don’t sell apologetically. Focus on what you do well and and why you are the best and why the client will want to spend good money for those services.  Make sure you show them the return on their investment.
3. Know your weaknesses and find ways to turn them into strengths.

That discussion completely changed the way I approached sales opportunities and greatly improved my success rate.  All of us, as business owners, are sensitive to our fees and how they are perceived, but we don’t need to apologize for our fees if they are reasonable and we do quality work.  A great reminder for any business owner.