Covid-19 Shutdown – Do I Layoff Now or Wait?

I would like to provide some advice to business owners who are struggling with the difficult decision to layoff and let employees collect unemployment, or keep paying them as long as you can.  My advice is to think long term.  What is best for the employees and the company in the long term.  The best […]

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What Matters Most

I gathered our team together these past two mornings to review where we are as a company and remind them of our four “matters” during these tough times. Families matter: I let them know that we care for them, that we are going to take care of them and their families as best we can. […]

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The tax aspects of selling mutual fund shares

Perhaps you’re an investor in mutual funds or you’re interested in putting some money into them. You’re not alone. The Investment Company Institute estimates that 56.2 million households owned mutual funds in mid-2017. But despite their popularity, the tax rules involved in selling mutual fund shares can be complex. Tax basics If you sell appreciated […]

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Can you deduct charitable gifts on your tax return?

Many taxpayers make charitable gifts — because they’re generous and they want to save money on their federal tax bills. But with the tax law changes that went into effect a couple years ago and the many rules that apply to charitable deductions, you may no longer get a tax break for your generosity. Are […]

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